The company G.N.ATHANASOPOULOS & CO is activated from 1973 in the field of production and marketing of fencing materials and their placement , based in Attica. The company was founded by Nikolaos Athanasopoulos in order to meet the needs of supply wire and all fencing materials for professionals, companies, shops commercial and individuals.

With years of experience in the field, the company was consolidated in the sector, as the most specialized on the production and supply of all kinds of barbed wire and materials for houses, fences, land and plots, commercial properties, safety fences in camps, prisons and sports facilities of various types such as tennis, basketball and 5×5, taking longer and placement of these materials to the final area of ​​specialized fencing garages. The last twelve years, the company got well recognized in Greece, by his son George Athanasopoulos .

The company with advancement in technology and machinery has tried and made a full step of the construction materials to installation and now has skilled and veteran staff in the field and assumes fences all types. The complete line of production and the modern equipment of our company, guarantee for high quality products we manufacture and place in our projects.

The Wire produces all kinds of wire and barbed wire fences as, grills, netting, fencing and iron components such as pipes, hexagonal, Steel Angles & Tees.